Furniture Upholstery and Reupholstery

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Furniture Upholstery and Reupholstery

Do you have a favorite recliner, sofa or dining room chair that’s showing signs of wear and age?

There are lots of reasons to buy new furniture, but even more to reupholster your existing furniture. Furniture reupholstery is your best bet to make your old furniture look new again.

We can reupholster or repair just about any furniture, including:

sandy sofa

Sofa Reupholstery
Is that sofa you love so much a bit lumpier than it used to be? Is the stuffing leaking from the cushions? Are the corners wearing thin? Does it just not match the decor of your home?

Then reupholster and repair your couch or sofa. Your favorite couch will be new again. The cushions will be firmer, softer, and more consistent. All exposed woodwork will be repaired, re-stained, and made to look like new. And the new fabric that you’ll get to choose from our huge fabric warehouse will look beautiful and bring your family room or living room up to date.

You will once again be proud and happy about your favorite spot to rest or entertain. Get your sofa re-upholstered today.


Reupholstered Chair in Waverly Imperial DressChair Reupholstery
How about that old recliner or big chair? Are the wooden legs chipped and worn? Are the buttons and piping falling apart? Is the fabric or leather ripped and torn? All of this can be repaired, too, with quality furniture upholstery.

It’s no one’s fault that your Recliner or favorite chair looks like it does — everything ages over time. But we specialize in making your old furniture like new again. Whether it’s covered in leather or fabric, you’ll once again rejoice and relax in comfort.

Does your recliner squeak when you lean back? Is it too hard to recline? Is it too difficult to sit back up? Is it lumpy where it should simply be supportive? These are all signs that your favorite chair needs to be repaired and reupholstered — not replaced!  Call for a free estimate today!


Dining Room Chair Reupholstery and Repair
Maybe it’s one — or several — of your dining room chairs. They used to all match, but now the upholstery on a few of them is stained, damaged or discolored.

And that must be embarassing when you are trying to entertain.

New, modern cleansers can damage old fabrics, and there is no guarantee that your old colors will come back to life. If there were only one chair, it wouldn’t be so tragic. But when the chair is part of a matched set, it’s easy to see when one of them just doesn’t belong.

But buying new chairs seems so wasteful — and expensive.

That’s why dining room chair reupholstery is your best solution. Call us today, and bring new life to your dining room for a fraction of the cost of buying new furniture.

custom built ottoman

Custom Ottoman with Bullion Fringe

Custom Furniture
Our workroom can make any piece of furniture you can imagine. We build pieces all the time to fit custom measurements for a customer’s home. Any picture you see online or in a magazine can be recreated with the fabric of your dreams. Customers can choose the filing for their pieces as well as wood color and fabric. Call for a free estimate today!




Custom Slipcover in Washed White Denim Fabric

Custom Slipcover in Washed White Denim Fabric

Slipcovers are a great way to revitalize a piece of furniture with a temporary change. For those of us who can either not decide on a fabric or have children and pets that make it impossible to keep furniture neat and clean slipcovers are the way to go.

Slipcovers can be fitted to the furniture so that you can barely tell there is one there or they can be made loose for a shabby chic look. It is best to use a light weight washable material for slipcovers so that you can remove and wash them whenever needed. Call us today

Furniture Reupholstery and Repair
We all get attached to our possessions, and furniture is no exception. If that old piece of furniture is special to you, then reupholster it and give it a new life, rather than discarding it.

Furniture re-upholstery allows you to keep your treasured furnishings, and give them new life.

Reupholstery and repair are a great way to save money over buying new furniture. Besides, most new furniture just isn’t made as well as what you have now.

You spent a lot of time and effort finding the perfect furniture years ago. Nothing you’ll find today will match the quality and fit of what you already have in your home. But, it needs updating, it needs repair, and it needs some new upholstery.

Let Off the Bolt, and DiGiacomo Upholstery bring new life to your treasured furnishings with quality furniture reupholstery and repair.