Customer Service from a Fabric Store?

Posted on November 29, 2011 | Comments Off on Customer Service from a Fabric Store?

We’re always especially proud when a customer writes to tell us that they had a good experience in our store. Customer service is so important to us because we want all of our customers to get exactly what they want. So we were especially glad when we got this note from shopper Lynn.

I recently purchased fabric and had many cushions made for our home. I was extremely impressed with the high level of customer service I received from one of your employees – Sylvia was my coordinator and your sales rep.

Sylvia continually showed enthusiasm and qualities of doing her job “always” above and beyond the “call of duty” and she handled my job with great skill and dedication … should be more than proud to have her on your team. I wanted you to know she is one great employee for Off the Bolt.